This is NOT FAIR


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New member
Mar 26, 2023
Okay so I was in parkour playing friends then I got muted for saying "Lets drop the topic Ben, before I get muted." And I was like okay thats fine but then they decided to attack my homie noldoe, like wtf?????? Also it his second offense, NOT HIS 3rd, ok so like third comes secondd...?????

Also, Ben is fucking crazy he has lost his damn marbles. Tero asked him why he was muted for so long even thought it was his SECOND OFFENSE. BRO HAS GONE BONKERS AND I WAS FUCKING TERRIFIED. His powers are way much it NEEDS to be nullified (like the kit).

Here is the proof:

He said he doesn't care. He has gone nuts like this looney as fuck. What are we without rules??? THIS WOULD BE ANARCHY. He is so kooky.

It's not even about me just give my friend noodle the correct punishment.

This has been tyler peace out!

1682287991717.png Nice also spamming


Sr. Developer
Staff member
Feb 5, 2023
Real tough. This is the second post made after being muted. Wait it out and if you make another, you will be removed from this website. Locking thread.
Not open for further replies.