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Welcome Message

Heyo, welcome to the new Renatus Network website! Since Enjin's announcement that they will be shutting down, we've been hard at work to bring you a new website for better communication and easier integration to "new gen" web design. This is just an intro I'm writing to help disclose new features, answer questions, and explain what to look forward to in the coming months.

Archived Information
With Enjin shutting down and us shifting to Xenforo, there is no way to archive and transfer threads at this time. This means that currently there is no way recover your old statistics or posts therefor all data regarding profiles will be reset.

Applications and Appeals
Depending on when you are reading this, at the time of writing, there currently is not a section to apply for staff nor is there a place to create a ban appeal. This is temporary as we are working on this feature. However, when this feature is released it will be slightly different, as instead of a general "Staff" application, there will be specific applications regarding what department you are interested in. As for ban appeals, the new system will be similar to an application and will no longer be a public thread you'll need to create.

Currently there isn't a tab to purchase ranks, as we work on adding that, I will leave a link here to access the link to purchase ranks or anything else you may want. As always, you can do /buy in-game to take you to a link to purchase anything.

Since this is very early in development we are still working out any "quirks" that may arise. If you see any visual bugs or have suggestions feel free to message in our discord at or DM me personally at Rac#0001. Nothing you see here is final and everything is subject to change visually.

Thank you for being patient as we try to bring you the best user experience for our new website and as always thank you for being a part of the Renatus Network community.

7 New Donor Maps

:love: We are thrilled to announce the release of 7 exciting new donor maps on our parkour server!

🛡️The first of these maps is Defense, a Milites map.

⚔️If you're looking for a high quality gladiatorial battle, then Arena is the map for you.

⏳Travel through time with Century, a map that will take you on a thrilling journey through the ages. Or, explore the beautiful landscapes of Home Land and Natural, where you'll need to use your parkour skills to navigate the terrain and overcome challenges.

🪐Finally, Jupiter's Grace offers a unique and challenging experience.
These maps are exclusively available to donors, so become a donor today and experience the excitement of these new parkour challenges!

💬Join our Discord server to learn more and get involved with the community! Get ready for some serious parkour action!🤸‍♂️